Friday, May 12, 2017

How I got into Rock

In the words of the Sum 41 lead singer, Deryck Whibley, ”We have the passion of the unbroken, And our souls we will not sell, You can beat us down but when we come around, We'll damn you all to hell.” These are the signs of a real music lover. The song talks about the connection in music that you can only get in rock and similar genres, but not in pop. This is a song that i agree with one hundred percent.
Rock music has been something I have grown up with and listening to the music is what I do the most. The first time I ever got into rock was when I was little and driving around with my dad. In the car he would play music from bands like R.E.M., Sting and Dave Matthews Band.
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Dave Matthews Band
These were the bands I was first introduced to. This lead to me getting a small ipod for music and having my dad put on it all different types of music. On my ipod I had songs from ABBA to songs from Bowling for Soup and songs from Fall out Boy to songs from Queen. As I grew older and my taste in music changed I started to get into more punk, punk pop and punk rock music. Some of these punk bands were Blink 182, Green Day and Sum 41. This was also the time when I started to use Pandora, an app/site where you can make a radio station based on bands, songs, or genres.
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Sum 41
While listening to that same Pandora radio station the songs started to switch into alternative rock from the punk genres it was before. I went from Green Day to Red Hot Chili Peppers and from Blink 182 to the Ataris. Using the new bands popping up on this Pandora radio station I created a new station with these bands. Later on the same thing started to happen, bands like the Ataris were fading out and bands like Linkin Park, System of Down, Papa Roach, Skillet, Rise Against and Three Days Grace where showing up more and more. It got to the point in time where I moved over to Spotify, a music streaming service, and started to pick my own playlists. This lead to me having playlists that had punk, alternative rock, nu metal and everything in between.

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Rise Against
While on Spotify I would search for already modern and 2000’s rock playlists. While searching this playlists I found bands like the Amity Affliction and Beartooth, two bands which create some of my favorite music. As I was finding these bands I started to remove bands from my playlists. I also managed to find songs by finding top ten songs videos on youtube for bands that I already listen to. By following that process I went from having one Papa Roach song on my playlist to having seven or eight. Over time my punk and alternative rock playlist become overwhelmed by nu metal bands like Linkin Park and hard rock bands like Breaking Benjamin. This process had continued to now, where my playlist is starting to contain bands that  many people consider metal like Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch, who are both metal influenced in a good majority of their songs.
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Five Finger Death Punch

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